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Falcon Diamond - Class M300-4

Self-Elevating Vessel Year Built: 2016
Official Number: Call Sign:

Length (Overall) 89.9 meters
Beam (Overall) 40.2 meters
Beam (Barge Only) 62.4 meters
Depth (Barge Only) 4.6 meters
Deck Layout Plan Download

Fuel 320,400 liters
Potable Water 278,800 liters
Lube Oil 6,912 liters
Submsersible Pump 2 @ 1,287 liters/min each

Hull Characteristics
Gross Tonnage > 4000 ITC
Open Deck Area ¾ PL 1,000 m2
Load Capacity (¾ PL) 5 MT/m2
Total Usable Space 1,300 m2
Material API 5LX-70 KSI 44 mm
wall thickness
Maximum Deck Load 453,720 kg

Main Gensets 4 x Cat 3512C 1,600 kw
690 VAC / 60 Hz
Fuel Consumption (max) 386 LPH each
Total Power 6,400 kw
Automation ABS ACCU
Emergency Generator Cat 1 x C9 167 kw 480 VAC

Number 4
Length 91.5 meters
Size 2.7 meters dia x 44 mm wall thickness ()
Material API 5LX-70 KSI Steel

Length 13.6 meters
Width 7.8 meters
Depth 1.8 meters
Configuration Faceted all sides and buoyant

Crane Capacity
Number 3 (API-2C 7th Edition)
Primary Crane - 1000B-140 (Download PDF) 181 MT @ 7m Radius
Boom Length 42.67m Configurable to 200'
Staboard Crane - 340BT-70/100 54 MT @ 4.5m Radius
Boom Length 21m - 30m Telescoping Box
Stbd Amidships Crane 180B-70 23 MT @ 3.7m to 10m Radius
Boom Length 21m Box

Configuration Diesel-Electric
Thruster Motors 2 x 1,566kW 690 VAC Motors
Azimuth Thrusters Steerprop SP 20
Bow Thrusters 2 x 400kW Berg Tunnel Thrusters
Estimated Speed 3 meters/s

Living Quarters
Berths 150 Total in 2-Man Cabins (30 Crew/120 PACs)
Galley 75 Persons with Segregated Dish Wash Room
Laundry (32) Washers and (32) Dryers
Misc Spaces Internet Cafe 50-Man Meeting Room
Ship’s Store Prayer Room
Smoking Room Gym
Two Offices Lounge on Each Level

GE DPS-2 Seastream DGPS & Laser Sensor DP References
Satellite TV Service with Dual Satellite Domes High-speed Internet Service
Global Maritime Distress and Safety System Area 3 CCTV with Recording

Max Working Water Depth 70 meters
Max Height of Deck above mud line (Subtract Penetration) 83 meters

Special Features
S-62 / S-92 D-Value 22.2m CAP 437 Helideck Two (2) 45,400 L per day (12,000 GPD) Watermakers
Two (2) Fuel Oil Separators Water Mist and C02 Protected Engine Room
6-Man SOLAS Approved Hospital Zero Discharge Capability

Fuel Consumption
Main Generators Range (While Underway)  
Aux Generators Range (While Elevated Ops)  

Regulatory Bodies
ABS ✠ A1 SEU ✠ AMS ACCU DPS-2 Restricted Service
Marshall Island Flag
Helideck CAP 437 Compliant
ILO Maritime Labor Convention 2006 Compliant
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